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Easihold is a Loose Stone Gravel Binder - Formulated, Patented and Manufactured by Vuba.

Easihold is a Water Based Resin Binder. Designed to coat and bind small, decorative garden stones. 

Easihold is a Loose Stone Gravel Binder - Formulated, Patented and Manufactured by Vuba.

Easihold is a Water Based Resin Binder. Designed to coat and bind small, decorative garden stones. 

5 Litres (2.5m2 for Walking Traffic)
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  • EASIHOLD HOLDS AND FIXES LOOSE STONES: 3 Easy Application Techniques - Pour On using a Watering Can, Spray On using Garden Spray or Batch Mix in a Tub using New or Existing Stones.
  • EASIHOLD IS AN AWARD WINNING, PATENT APPLIED PRODUCT: The Revolutionary Water Based Formula is None Harmful and None Toxic - Safe for Family, Pets and Plants. Landscape Show 2019 Best Product Finalist!
  • EASIHOLD INHIBITS MOSS AND ALGAE GROWTH: Easihold coats stones with a protective satin finish, which reduced porosity and prevents growth of moss and algae; prevents staining and improves clean-ability.
  • EASIHOLD IS MANUFACTURED IN YORKSHIRE: Easihold is a Patented product manufactured by Vuba. We have been manufacturing resin products since 2009! We love innovating and leading the revolution.
  • EASIHOLD WORKS WITH EXISTING STONES: The Beauty of Easihold is how easy it is to use! Easihold can work with existing stones from 1mm to 10mm diameter - all standard, clean silt / chalk free stones will be compatible!
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5m2 (1 x 1 litre coat per m2) for decorative and light pedestrian traffic. 
2.5m2 (2 x 1 litre coats per m2) for light to medium pedestrian traffic - applied over two coats of 1 liter per m2. 

10m2 (1 x coat of 0.5 litres per m2) for decorative and very light usage. 
5m2 (2 x coats of 0.5 litres per m2) for light usage. 

5 Litres of Easihold will Bind between 50kg and 100kg of Aggregates for pedestrian traffic. 

Recommendations for Easihold Pour On:

Decorative Use:
Easihold Pour On can be applied on to existing stones over existing soil or any other standard garden surface when used as a decorative surface.

Light to Medium Pedestrian:
For light to medium pedestrian usage we would recommend the stones be housed on a firm base. A solid base could be compacted hardcore, concrete, asphalt or existing paving.

Stone Selection
For optimum results, we recommend the application of Easihold on to our Decorative Stones

Our decorative stones are washed and dried, and between 1 and 10mm in diameter

It is possible to use existing stones. Please ensure they are clean and dry before application. Silt deposits can prevent a successful bond between the stones. 

The stones must be a maximum of 10mm in diameter for regular foot fall. Larger stones can be used for areas that are for decorative use only. 

Stone Size Guide:
1mm to 20mm = Decorative
1mm to 10mm = Light to Medium Pedestrian

Application Vessel:

Easihold Pour On is recommended to be applied using a watering can. You can also drill holes in the bottom of a plastic tub. Easihold Pour On is a very low viscosity binder to ensure the treated stones are fully encapsulated. For walkways and pathways use the pour on or stone mix application. See product datasheet for further application advice. 

Care should be taken to ensure you do not over saturate the area. Ensure the watering can rose or other application tool provides a good even dispersion of the Easihold binder.

Easihold is an air drying product, and should only be left open when intended for application. 

Drying Times:
Easihold Pour On Resin is an air drying product. Light wind and temperatures above 10oC are optimal for the application of Easihold. 8oC is the minimum application temperature, and 40oC the maximum.

Each coat of Easihold will dry in 24 hours at 15oC. However, drying times will be extended in cold weather.

Ensure to apply Easihold in a rising temperature state. For example, it is safe to apply at 8oC is the temperature is climbing, and not declining. Remember to protect any working surfaces nearby.

Application Thickness:
Care should be taken to not over saturate the working surface, or this may retard the curing time of the binder. In the case of extreme excessive saturation, the surface will become too ‘wet’ to dry out.

You should not apply more than 1 litre per m2. Multiple thinner layers are more successful than one thicker layer. 

Application Finish:
You can spread / smooth the treated stones in place using a trowel, pin rake, squeegee or a spatula as suitable for the specific application. 

Please ensure you have read our Product Datasheet for application instructions, and MSDS for health and safety advice in relation to this product.