Resin Gravel Stone Binders

Resin Gravel Stone Binders

  1. Easihold Trade Multipack (4 x 5L)
    Easihold Trade Multipack (4 x 5L)

    Easihold Multipack is a trade sized pack of Easihold 5L.

    Supplied in ...

    $196.72 (exc VAT)
  2. Easihold (5 Ltr)
    Easihold (5 Ltr)

    Easihold is a Loose Stone Gravel Binder - Formulated, Patent...

    $88.00 (exc VAT)

Resin Gravel Stone Binders

Easihold is a revolutionary stabiliser for loose stones and small rocks in the home, garden and landscape. 

Easihold coats stones and rocks in a protective coating which inhibits the growth of moss and algae, whilst bonding them together to form a semi-solid surface.

Easihold is water based, none-harmful and leaves stones completely permeable.